May 26, 2017


MEE Sports started life as a basement operation that in the last 30 years has grown into a diversified sportswear company using cutting edge technology to produce trendy custom team apparel sold around the world. As competitive athletes, my brother and I used our background to create products that not only fit our builds but functioned for the sports we were in. March 1987 saw us start the company focusing on fleece products for the gym and fitness markets, but within 12 months had found our niche creating unique custom designs for the team and club market. These track and field, wrestling, basketball and football teams were all looking for the same thing:

Fit, Form and Function
Innovative Styling
Custom Color Combinations
Sizing to fit Everyone

And for 30 years we have continued to use our background as athletes and designers in helping every team “ Be An Original ”

Many things have stayed the same over all this time, like “Designed by athletes for athletes”. Years ago that was my brother and I and now we draw from many of the teams and athletes that we have worked with to give us inspiration and direction for that perfect fit and function. The fact that our production is still made in our own factory, right out back. This way we are in control of every aspect of the production cycle. A turnaround time of 2 – 4 weeks on all our custom team orders, maybe quicker if you say pretty please. Finally, it’s all about the quality! I would like to think that being around for 30 years in itself testifies to the quality of the products that we have put out year after year.

Many things have also changes over the last 30 years. Initially our move into the team market consisted of windsuits and warm ups and we did that well for a lot of years, now we produce a wide spectrum of sportswear. Uniforms for many different sports, training gear to help get you ready for the big game or just get fit and of course the warm ups that we have been doing for 30 years. Fabrics have changed with new technical polyester fabrics that wick moisture, regulate temperature, eliminate smell and support muscles. This isn’t your mom and dad’s polyester! Sublimation! The process of creating digital designs and infusing it right into the fabric, so that we can create any color and any design imaginable. If you can dream it we can create it in a uniform or warm up. No more extra costs for embroidery or screen printing. Over the years we have also created a full range of men’s and women’s specific pieces so the fit, form and function can be optimum regardless of the activity you pursue.

Our focus over the past number of years has been to build our product line to meet the needs of the Cheerleading, Dance and Baton, Gymnastics and Figure Skating teams and clubs with an ever growing selection of spandex based products. However we still service all the other sports that have helped get us this far, Lacrosse, Soccer, Slo Pitch, Basketball, Wrestling, Hockey, Football, Baseball, National Team Programs, Pro teams and of course our school programs.

So this has been my life for the past 30 years, I am MEE.